Epic Arts Presents New Parody Video, Shake it Off

Epic Arts have followed up on the success of their Happy and Uptown Funk parody videos with a new release, their version of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Epic’s versions of Ronson/Mars’ and Pharrell’s hit videos went viral, garnering between 120,000 and 150,000 Youtube hits each. The charity is hoping for even greater exposure for their latest release, produced in partnership with Cambodia Living Arts, Phare Ponleu Selpak, Tiny Toones and Amrita Performing Arts.

This new video features Epic Arts’ senior manager Onn Sokny in the lead role. Sokny has worked her way up in the Cambodian arts scene to become one of its major voices, particularly in the fields of inclusivity, diversity and the integration of people with disabilities. Sokny, who contracted polio as a child, is proof that with the right support, disability need not be a disadvantage in the arts world. Epic Arts’ first two video parodies featured male protagonists (both being spoofs of male artists’ tracks), this time Epic’s senior management felt it was time to use a strong female for the lead.

The video parody is a polished studio piece featuring Sokny backed by a full cast of dancers, both disabled and able-bodied, showcasing Epic Arts’ founding principals of diversity and inclusivity in performing arts. Epic Arts’ fundamental message that, “Every person counts” is the basis of their work to promote the inclusion of people of all abilities and disabilities through the arts. Using the arts as a form of expression and empowerment they bring people with and without disabilities together to create a space where people with disabilities are equally valued, accepted and respected.

Epic Arts is an international, inclusive arts organisation based in Cambodia and registered as a charity in the UK.