Adrianna Snochowska Painting Workshops

Adrianna Snochowska Painting WorkshopsTalented artist Adrianna Snochowska will be sharing her skills during two workshops at Phnom Penh Community College. Budding painters can brush up on their abstract and acrylic painting during a morning workshop, with cubist oil painting being explored in the afternoon.

The morning session, Abstract and Acrylic Painting will explore the creation of textures on the canvas, look at defining shapes and finding expression in your work, and look at the use of colour, light and shadows as well as trying to convey feeling and emotion. The afternoon Cubist Oil Painting workshop will encourage painters to expand their imagination, look at the construction of shapes and, as well as the morning session, discuss the use of colour, lighting and shadows.

Snochowska is originally from Poland but lived in Northern Ireland between 2007 and the beginning of this year when she relocated to Cambodia. She primarily works with oil painting but uses other media and occasionally experiments with sculpture. Her paintings often start with a loose style and are developed with layers and layers of highly detailed fine brush work.

She started out her artistic career painting still-life and figurative work before moving on to a more abstract style in recent years. Primarily, painting has acted as a personal meditation, a chance to relax and an escape from daily life. Snochowska says she is inspired by the colours around her and the ebb and flow of music.

The workshops take place on Saturday, Jul. 27 at The Capacity Specialists Training Centre, Top Floor, corner of St 63 and 294. The morning workshop runs from 9am to 12.30pm, with the afternoon session taking place between 1.30pm and 5pm. Each workshop costs $35, or $60 for both. Bring a friend and both pay $50. To register, email with your name and contact details. A 50 per cent deposit is necessary.