Afloat at Plantation

Afloat is a collective exhibition which focuses on the sea as a vital element for life. Using concepts and imagery inspired by water, the exhibition highlights the role plastics and rubbish play in transforming our surroundings, and the consequences of modern societies on us as individuals. By examining the effects of plastics and rubbish on humans, animals and nature, the exhibition asks viewers to examine the role they play in changing the modern world into a ‘plastic world’, where humans and objects can too easily be discarded, thrown overboard.

Presented in several layers, Afloat is designed to be a thought provoking journey for viewers. Creating meaningful dialogue on the use of plastics, the effects of plastics on our everyday lives, and examining the invisible nature of the plight of those directly affected by changes to the environment. Afloat is a collaborative project involving several artists all working towards a common goal. By involving established and emerging artists, employing a variety of styles, praxes and media, Afloat seeks to give a voice to unique and creative forms of art and display.

Debka Lvt’s sculpture and performance work, Tribute to Costi, reflects her vision of the ‘here and now’, presenting a series of sculptures in metal and plastic of skulls and octopi, in response to the main tenet of the exhibition. Artist and photographer, Jen Holligan and Gem Habito, present Treading Water, a visual collaboration using photography and mixed media to raise awareness of the roles politics and human compassion play in shaping our perception and treatment of refugees as fellow human beings. A final year digital art and design student at Zaman University, Phouy Chi’s has used fine art photography, design, and experimentation with art and new technologies to create Breath, a work which enables a discussion on the impact plastic usage, especially in developing countries like Cambodia. Other exhibitors include artist, designer and photographer Jesi Lee, painter Emily Marques, street artists Mike and Daniel, and special guest Dina Chhan.

Message in a Bottle

Visitors will be encouraged to write a message in a coloured bottle and then to place it inside the hole in an interactive wall. At the end of the exhibition, a sculpture will be made out of all the bottles.

Afloat is partnering with Plastic Free Cambodia and Plantation to offer workshops and other events during the 6 weeks of exhibition, hoping to create discussions and interactions in the wider community.

The opening night features Shammi Raj Balla Mapping installation, by Shammi, the co-founder of Artshram, Thoung Bass Cahoot, DJ duo (Sushi and Malo) performing live, deep and psychedelic electronic music. A dubbed and soulful journey from Digital Cumbia to Minimal Techno.

Afloat launches on Wednesday, November 29, from 6:30pm, and runs throughout December at The Lotus Pond Gallery, Plantation Urban Spa and Resort.