Aikido classes at Phnom Penh Community Centre

Phnom Penh Community Centre is hosting a series of workshops aimed at helping people defend themselves against being attacked.

Second degree black belt Aikido holder Lance Jackson is holding a self-defense class aimed at equipping students with the ability to tackle physical threats.

The workshop focuses on simple techniques that explore basic threat situations. These include from standing positions and while on the ground, for example being pushed, having hair pulled or wrists twisted, being slapped, punched or choked.

Participants will also learn how to develop awareness of their surroundings and potential threats, as well as use of foot movement, kicks and leg guards, hand guards, strikes and locks.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on using peaceful means to resolve conflict. It is used internationally by police and military forces for its adaptability and nonviolent martial techniques.

Lance teaches Aikido at various centers across Phnom Penh, under the guidance of senior instructors from Japan. He is also a high school teacher at an international school in Phnom Penh where he has run self-defense workshops for graduating international students and local teacher assistants.

Those attending are advised to wear light but string clothing, such as tracksuit trousers and a shirt that will not tear easily if grabbed.

The workshop takes place on Saturday, November 20, from 2pm to 5.30pm. To reserve a place, email to with your name and contact details.

The workshop costs $30 and takes place at The Capacity Specialists Training Centre, on the corner of Street 63 & 294.

The Capacity Specialists Training Centre
Street 63 & 294