As sky bars climb higher throughout Phnom Penh, both in elevation and price, Amigo Sky Bar and Restaurant aims to offer some of that same luxury at a reasonable cost. Words by Danielle Keeton-Olsen; photography by Enric Català.

With its sweeping view of the city’s blooming business district, Amigo Sky Bar and Restaurant serves guests with friendliness and care in a location that could easily favour posh and privilege.

After the successful launch of Feliz Hostel and Cafe in 2016, general manager Raing Arun said the company opened Amigo and Feliz Urban Hotel next door to provide a luxury option for travellers at an affordable price.

The restaurant and bar fit the urban design style, with modern modular design flourished with tropical ferns and trees. As the city ups its luxury offerings, the design itself is not unique within Phnom Penh. But Arun and his staff make a major effort to go beyond the basics to ensure customers are comfortable and cared for, in line with the venue’s mantra: Come as strangers, leave as family.

That motto rings true to Arun, who has worked in hospitality for 18 years. He attributes his success to working with visitors from around the world, and he aims to help his staff gain the knowledge he has through hospitality.

Like the restaurant’s dinner menu, Amigo Sky Bar’s signature cocktails incorporate local fruit, without getting too experimental in flavour.

The bartenders prepare a wide range of classic cocktails for $4.50, but often mix modified drinks to add to the signature menu.

The Feliz Margarita shakes up the classic recipe by muddling pineapple and green apple along with the traditional ingredients. The result is refreshing, without being overpowered by the pineapple or tequila, served in a salt-and-sugar-rimmed glass.

The Passion Top, meanwhile, offers the sweet and tart flavours of Cambodian passion fruit, with white and dark rum hidden behind the bright flavour of the fruit. The bartenders lightly singe the top, so with each sip you get a slight hint of warmth.

Amigo’s Cherry Martini showcases its alcohol a little stronger, with notes of vodka and vermouth coming out from under the cherry juice that distinguishes the martini. The signature cocktails are priced affordably at $5.50 and can also be ordered by the pitcher.

Climb the stairs from the restaurant on the 15th floor, and you enter the tiered sky lounge with an excellent 360-degree view of the city. With few other skyscrapers in site for the moment, visitors are treated to a prime view of the capital, with Independence Monument, the Royal Palace and Mekong River all within sight.

Since the venue only crowds up after the sky darkens, the sky bar is an excellent place for a relaxing sunset view of the city.

15th Floor of Feliz Urban Hotel, 3 Street 288, Phnom Penh.
Tel. 023 212 555.
Open daily, from 6.30am to 11pm.