Amrita Performing Arts Previews Contemporary Dance Piece

Amrita Performing Arts will preview its latest work at the Department of Performing Arts on Mar. 1 at 6.30pm, ahead of its world premiere in New York at the end of April.

Khméropedies III: Source/Primate, a contemporary piece by French-Khmer choreographer Emmanuele Phoun, is the second phase of a process that began in 2011. Khméropedies I & II explored the master/disciple relationship, incorporating elements of classical Khmer court music and dance and meeting them head on with contemporary music and student-lead choreography to discover where and how the two worlds engage.

It is the continuation of a project to develop a specifically Cambodian contemporary language in dance, based on traditional cultural elements and Cambodian classical dance. An encounter between a contemporary dancer, the choreographer, with Cambodian dancers and the cultural exchange between the two genres, this piece takes as its source the study of monkeys. Following a similar path to the old masters of the masked monkey figure in the classical Kaol dance, this contemporary work has taken advantage of modern resources such as video footage and scientific primate studies. The group has had the opportunity of working with Eric J. Sargis, Professor of Biological Anthropology at Yale University as their scientific advisor.

Khmeropédies will have its international debut on Apr. 28 at New York’s Guggenheim Museum as part of the upcoming Season of Cambodia Festival. The festival is a city-wide celebration of Cambodian arts and culture that coincides with Khmer New Year, more information can be found at:

Tickets ($2) are available from Amrita Performing Arts or on the door.

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