Angkor Photo Festival Kicks Off in Black and White

The 10th annual Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap kicks off in November with two exhibitions exploring global cities, past and present.

Featuring work by artists Fan Ho and Gabriele Croppi, the exhibitions celebrate high contrast black-and-white images and innovative uses of shadow and light. The shows, hosted by McDermott Gallery Old Market and curated by Angkor Photo Festival Programme Coordinator Françoise Callier, will run simultaneously from Nov. 29 to Jan. 4.

Ho’s “Hong Kong Yesterday” features images taken in the 1950s and 1960s, detailing the city on the cusp of becoming a major metropolis. Ho began taking photos at the age of 13, after receiving his first Rollleiflex camera from his father. He has since had a successful photography and directing career, with his films earning awards in the International Film Festivals in Berlin, Cannes and San Francisco.

The “Metaphysics of the Urban Landscape” exhibition by Croppi includes high contrast black-and-white photographs, initially produced for the European Photo Exhibition and awarded first prize in the architecture section. The images have single subjects illuminated before a background of shadows and negative space. Each one features a recognizable landmark in places like Milan, Paris, London and Oslo.

An opening reception for the exhibitions will be held Nov. 20, from 6.30 pm to 8pm at the McDermott Gallery, followed by an evening slide show at FCC Angkor.

The reception is one of many events to be held during the 2014 Angkor Photo Festival, taking place from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6. The festival is the longest-running photography event in Southeast Asia. The weeklong event serves as a free platform and educational resource for established and emerging photographers, with a special focus on promoting young Asian talent and photography in the region. International photographers tutor emerging artists in free workshops, and the festival operates its own outreach programme, the Anjali Children’s Photo Workshops.

McDermott Gallery Old Market is located in The Passage, between the Old Market and Pub Street. More information about the festival can be found at