Art Exhibit Takes Over Navutu Dreams

Navutu Dreams ushers in the Khmer New Year with an exhibit dedicated to Cambodian women by prolific female Khmer artist, Koeurm Kolab.

Tna Teuk is a yellow-flowered grass that grows in paddy fields. Bright and brilliant flowers amidst a sea of green. Sturdy and incessant. It portrays very well the characteristics of the Cambodian women in the countryside, who have been known to till the land along with their menfolk.

Kolab, one of the few young and lauded Khmer women artists in Cambodia hails from Battambang. She graduated with a degree in visual arts from the prestigious art school, Phare Ponleu Selpak in her home town.

In 2011, she studied in France at the Gerard Pivaut School. In January, she was one of five Cambodian artists whose works were on exhibit in Paris’ Millon and Salle W.

For her first exposition in Siem Reap, Kolab has chosen to portray in art something close to her heart- the strength and dignity of the local ladies whose lives have been dedicated bettering the lives of their families despite often times, being denied the opportunity to receive formal education.

These beautiful, altruistic yet commonly unsung heroines and other glimpses into their daily lives are the subject of Kolab’s exhibit, Tna Teuk exclusively for Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat until June 8.