Art project digs into Cambodia’s roots

A series of Cambodian artists have delved deep into Cambodia’s personal past as part of historic art project, Jorng Jam. Using film, photography and mixed media, five young artists, including Kong Vollak, Chan Lida, Neak Sophal and Neang Kavich, recreate forgotten tales by exploring a series of historical family photographs and stories from the country’s vibrant past.

Through their work, each of the artists aim to discover the intimate stories and historical photographs of those living in Phnom Penh during the Golden Age of the 50s and 60s. In a single space, the artists will display the end result of their research in the form of a series of poignant works that relate to contemporary Cambodian life.

The Asianlink Arts Residency Project is facilitated by Pip Kelly and supported by Arts Queensland. It premiers on Saturday, Jan 25, at 3pm at the Bophana Centre with a talk from the artists and runs until Feb. 8.

The exhibition forms part of the 2014 Our City Festival, which brings together more than 200 artists and more than 45 projects to showcase the cream of Cambodia’s artistic talent.

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