This year, AsiaLIFE Cambodia celebrates a decade of providing residents’ with their monthly lifestyle fix. To mark this momentous occasion, we’re holding an awards ceremony and we need you to decide who should walk away with each of the crowns.

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In December, 2006, a new magazine entered Cambodia’s market with the ultimate aim of becoming the Kingdom’s top English language lifestyle magazine.

Since then, publications have come and gone, but AsiaLIFE has stood the test of time, building up a reputation as the go-to place for information on Cambodia’s ever-evolving, vibrant landscape.

We have always made it our priority to show Cambodia in a positive light by sharing its success stories and introducing those who have helped push it in the right direction, AsiaLIFE has charted the country’s rapid development, hidden treasures, and moving markets as it enters a new chapter. From fashion and film, business and sports, to hard-hitting topics and trends, we have it covered.

On top of that, we’re proud to have featured a series of ground-breaking topics on our cover, such as the country’s gay community, drug addiction and domestic violence. And inside, we’ve searched high and low to present emerging artists, fads, restaurants and industries.

As we prepare to enter our second decade, we want to celebrate alongside those who have helped shape the Cambodia of today, whether they be bars, hotels, restaurants or figureheads.

In December, we will host an award ceremony, with an accolade to mark each of the years, plus a lifetime achievement award that will be presented to a personality who has contributed in a significant way to modern Cambodia.

During the last 10 years, we have been telling our readers what we think about Cambodia and its changing landscape. Now we want to take this opportunity to hand over the baton and ask you to have your say on the Kingdom’s worthy winners.

“Modern Cambodia is a country with a lot of high quality,” says AsiaLIFE publisher Mark Bibby Jackson. “We want an awards ceremony that reflects that, while giving our loyal readers the chance to share their thoughts on Cambodia.”

All awards are independently nominated and voting is free. Readers can put forward options for each category through our dedicated Facebook page, AsiaLIFE Cambodia Awards. Votes can then be cast for nominated venues, with voters allowed one tick in each category only.

The winner of the lifetime achievement award will be selected by a panel of experts, including AsiaLIFE publisher, Mark Bibby Jackson.

Voting, which will be monitored closely, opens on Sep. 1 and – don’t visit the Facebook page until then – ends on Nov. 15, with the winners announced at the award ceremony. Final details are to be confirmed. And if the awards prove to be a hit and your venue loses out, don’t worry because we’re planning on making it an annual jaunt, with all of the money raised going to good causes.

If you’re keen to get in their early and can’t wait until Sep. 1, then nominations can be emailed to All entries must include details of the category and the nominee’s name and contact details.

So it’s time to put on your thinking cap and mull over what some of your top things in Cambodia are before casting your precious vote.