Beer Yoga Trend Lands in Siem Reap

Beer yoga is a fad that has been sweeping across the globe. Now it’s leapt from hipster Berlin to spiritual Siem Reap, and Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is inviting guests to try it out.

While beer and yoga may seem an unusual pairing, and has been criticised by some staunch yogis, the movement’s founder, Berliner Jhula, claims it comes with benefits.

“We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness,” she has said in interviews.

The innovative form of yoga involves gentle asanas and unusual mantras, and couples it with the cool, crisp taste of beer.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel’s version encourages yogis to perform gentle stretches and strength and balance postures, before relaxing into meditation while the sun sets over Siem Reap.

Sessions are led by the hotel’s yoga master Shambhu, an Italian yoga instructor with more than 700 hours of teaching experience, predominantly in traditional Indian ashrams. He has opened his mind and practice to include beer yoga, creating a class that encapsulates its core philosophies.

“Beer yoga is for everyone,” he says. “Sure, it is not yoga in the traditional sense, but it offers an opportunity to relax and have some fun on the mat in a new way. We hope that it might also help introduce yoga practice to those who haven’t had an opportunity to try it out.”
Managing partner and marketing director Ilana Tulloch adds, “Beer yoga is bound to create some ripples in the wellness community. But our experience testing it out has been fun and relaxing. Our beautiful open-air rooftop provides the perfect setting to enjoy a Saturday afternoon beer and a laugh while doing some simple asanas.”

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel also offers regular traditional yoga and meditation classes throughout the week, open to hotel residents as well as outside guests.

The first beer yoga session takes place on Saturday at 5pm.

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