Cambodia Living Arts showcases traditional Cambodian music

A series of documentaries from Cambodia Living Arts will showcase traditional Cambodian music and traditional arts.

This month, the organisation will present its archiving project in the form of four documentaries detailing smot chanting, classical wedding music, kantaoming (funeral music) and areak (music for possession ceremonies).

This will be followed by a photo exhibition about the project and the art forms. It will also inaugurate a new media station within the US Embassy, the project’s main supporter.

Visitors will then be able to enjoy these art forms with live performances. The documentaries will be shown throughout the afternoon of Aug. 27 at the CLA office on Sothearos Blvd. The photo exhibition and performance takes place from 6pm.

The Archiving Project sees CLA document the last surviving musicians in four endangered Cambodian musical forms: classical wedding music, smot (poetry chanting), kantaoming (ancient funeral music) and areak (animist possession ceremonies’ music) with help from Cambodian Buddhist scholar and archivist Trent Walker.

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