Cambodia’s Creativity Showcased to the World

Cambodia’s vibrant modern scene will be showcased to international players at tonight’s opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN.

The event, hosted by the International Business Chamber of Cambodia, will through the spotlight on innovative, modern Cambodia, including arts, fashion, youth, entrepreneurship and Cambodia’s vibrant start‐up culture.

“We want to show world leaders and the global business community that Cambodia is a vibrant, innovative economy at the heart of ASEAN”, says organiser David Marshall. “The world has an outdated perception of what Cambodia is like, and our goal is to showcase the youth, creativity and vitality that is fuelling Cambodia’s business and creative spirits.”

Among the participants at Cambodian Vibes are emerging global creative forces, including singer Nikki Nikki; fashion designers La Chhouk and Un Eté à Kep sur Mer; artist Nina Ung; films from Cambodia Film Commission; architecture from Re‐Edge; and dance from the Nisa Dance Crew. Luu Meng and Samai will exhibit modern Cambodia food culture.

Innovative local start‐up and entrepreneurial culture is represented by Pengpos, a local online delivery service; Khmerload, a Cambodian ecommerce and publishing platform that recently received a seed investment round from Silicon Valley investors; Bookmebus, a Cambodian ticketing service that is changing traditional sales distribution methods in the regional and local transportation industry; SocialWall Asia, a Cambodian start‐up focused on social media technologies; Roserb, an exciting online cosmetics training and sales platform; MyDreamHouse, bringing affordable modular building materials to rural communities; NRG, bringing affordable solar energy to Cambodia; and Sabay, a Cambodian digital media and content company.

Students from the fashion school at Limkokwing university, and students from the fine arts programme at the Fine Arts Academy, will demonstrate the emerging creative youth culture that is helping to power innovation in Cambodia.

“Cambodia Vibes demonstrates the innovation, creativity and youth that is one of the great natural resources of Cambodia,” said Bretton G. Sciaroni, chairman of the Board of IBC. “Guests at the event will learn first‐hand about the creative and business ideas that are driving Cambodia’s growth and emergence on the world stage.”

The event, which is the World Economic Forum’s official opening event, takes place tonight at Sokha hotel, Phnom Penh, from 9pm to midnight.

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