Cellcard’s 4G Network Investment Contributes to Cambodia’s Growth in Mobile Data

Cellcard’s rapid expansion of its 4G network across Cambodia in 2017 has been a key driver for mobile data growth and in uplifting the Kingdom’s GDP in the past year.

A recent report ‘The Role of Mobile Telecoms in Transforming Cambodia’ released by Business2Business Cambodia (B2B) claims a 17 percent growth in unique mobile data subscriptions in 2017, which could have contributed up to $610 million to the national economy.

The report bases this figure on the industry principle that a 10 percent growth in mobile broadband penetration can cause 0.6 to 2.8 percent increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The findings – which also include a 28.2 percent growth in mobile data customers in provincial Cambodia – coincide with Cellcard’s monumental roll-out of more than 3,000 new 4G sites across the Kingdom.

“We set out our strategy to give affordable access to mobile data for all of Cambodia when we embarked on our 4G roll-out in January 2017,” says Ian Watson, Cellcard Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal was to ensure network availability and affordability to enable new customers nation-wide to experience mobile data.

“We have seen a 400 percent increase in mobile data traffic across our network since and have won multiple network awards from global organisations, such as IDG ASEAN, Ookla and OpenSignal. We now have the biggest, fastest and most reliable network in Cambodia and the most affordable offers.”

Watson adds the B2B report shows Cellcard lead on the Consumer Value Index, a set of eight categories that define service excellence for customers.

“Cellcard leads on seven of the eight categories showing we offer customers the best value for Data, Voice and SMS as well as communicate our tariffs simply with transparency and clear auto-renew accessibility,” he says.

He went on to highlight a key section of the report, which states, “This poses the question of what changed in 2017 to suddenly and significantly reverse the growth trend by 36 percent or nearly quarter of a million more unique mobile data subscribers.’’

Watson adds, “It was Cellcard that led the market on mobile data affordability when we launched Osja Xchange $1=$100 in January 2017 and again with BIG Love $1 = $500 in February. It was Cellcard who gave 4G to much of the rural areas where customers have never before been able to either access or afford the service.

“This report by B2B shows our strategy to deliver accessibility, affordability and service is working and that the Cambodian economy overall is benefiting from our investment in the network.”

The full report can be downloaded at: The Role of Mobile Telecoms in Transforming Cambodia.