Not so long ago “grabbing a coffee” in Siem Reap meant swinging by a road-side stall for a plastic cup filled with ice, condensed milk and perhaps a surprisingly palatable tar-like local brew, for which you’d still have change from a dollar.

The recent explosion of so-called coffee culture in the Kingdom has, however, brought with it a staggering array of new options, with quaint carts and funky cafés now found on seemingly every street corner.

Whilst once hardly imaginable, the last few years have witnessed the – much appreciated – arrival of everything from flat whites to cold drips, and even international coffee giants Costa, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf have shown up to cash-in on the town’s growing appreciation for caffeinated beverages.

Yet while there are now multiple places to enjoy a decent brew in Temple Town – Little Red Fox and Sister Srey being my personal favourites – there are still new additions being added to the list, much to this coffee lover’s delight.

If you like your coffee to go, my favourite of the city’s many (many, many) new coffee carts is Daily Brew, which can be found around the corner from Angkor Market, opposite New York International School.

Owned and operated by Siem Reap roasters So Wat (the owner of which just happens to be an award-winning barista), Daily Brew uses locally roasted beans in its delicious coffees, which start at just $1.

An iced-Americano on the way to work is exactly the rocket fuel I need to get the day started.

If you have a little time on your hands or are also looking for a bite to eat, then head over to Funky Lane and make a stop at the recently opened Brother Bong café.

This chic little corner of Melbourne cool is owned by a young husband and wife team that certainly know their way around an espresso machine, and pride themselves on serving up great-value coffees alongside delicious food.

I can highly recommend the avocado on rye toast, as well as the Khmer noodle soup.

If an exceptional baked treat is an important addition to your coffee, on the other hand, the long-awaited Bang Bang bakery on Ta Phul Road is the place to be.

A true labour of love, Siem Reap’s newest café-cum-bakery is home to arguably the town’s best breads, bagels, cakes, and other such delights.

This is definitely a place to linger and enjoy the smell of freshly baked loaves as you sip your coffee, and perhaps indulge in a sweet treat or two.

So with plenty of options to choose from getting your caffeine fix in Temple Town is now easier than ever.

By Sarah Brown