Crushed Paper Exhibition Opens for a Cause

Singaporean artist Victor Ang unveils an exhibition for a cause at the capital’s Hotel Cambodiana in November. The award-winning artist and philanthropist will feature 30 art pieces in his Crushed Paper exhibition, running from Nov. 27 to Dec. 29. Proceeds from sales will go to two local non-profit organisations.

The artist uses innovative techniques in painting, including “paper writes on paper”—using crushed paper to paint—glass ink tubes for calligraphy and Chinese seal carving. The exhibition centrepiece is a lotus flower painting, entitled Serenity ($9,999).

“My life is a continuing journey of trials and lessons, ever unfolding onto my paintings,” says the artist.

Ang is exhibiting in the Kingdom after making regular visits to the Street Children Assistance and Development Programme (SCADP), a Cambodian organisation focusing on youth and community development. The artist, who has been involved in fundraisers in Singapore and China, will use the show to raise funds for SCADP, as well Shanty Town Spirit, an organisation working to improve hygiene and access to education and healthcare.

Born and raised in Singapore, Ang works as a creative and commercial film director and devotes his time to calligraphy and seal carving. After studying Chinese floral brush painting, calligraphy and seal painting in the 80s, he participated in local and international exhibitions and was recognised by the International Chinese Seal Carving arena in South Korea.

His more recent innovation to garner attention, using crushed paper to create calligraphy paintings in varied textures, will be showcased at Hotel Cambodiana.

The opening ceremony on Nov. 28 will include a live demonstration by the artist.