Dancers 1973

A photographic exhibition by Colin Grafton. 

On the occasion of a rare classical dance performance during the Cambodian civil war 43 years ago, a photographer wandered into the theatre dressing room and took a few candid photos. The dancers didn’t notice him; 33 years later, one of them met him by chance in Tokyo, Japan, where she had come to perform. This led to a chain of events whereby the other dancers in those pictures were rediscovered one by one when the photographer finally returned to Cambodia. Their stories of hardship, perseverance and survival, and the renaissance of the dance tradition which is the spirit of Cambodia, form the core of this exhibition.

Colin Grafton travelled overland to Asia in 1969 during this time he visited Cambodia where he taught English and took photographs between 1972-1975. Staying in Japan until 1980 he taught at JOCV (JICA), before returning to Thailand to work with Cambodian refugees. On his return to his native UK he mounted an exhibition of his Cambodian images. Grafton later returned to Japan, working for Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO, where he mounted several photo exhibitions on Laos and Cambodia. He returned to Cambodia on a visit in 1992 and has been a frequent visitor ever since.

The exhibition runs from Apr. 1 until Apr. 28 at the Bophana Visual Resource Centre, No.64, St. 200 Okhnia Men, Phnom Penh
Entrance is free
There will be an opening reception on Friday, April 1st at 6:00pm

Colin Grafton,
Bophana Centre (Chanlita Eng),