Living in tropical climes, ice cream can be a great way to cool down. Editor Marissa Carruthers and photographer Lucas Veuve sample Delikat Gelato’s offerings.

When the sun’s beating down, there’s nothing more refreshing than ice cream to take the edge away.

After creating a storm in Siem Reap since opening in December 2014, Delikat Gelato has expanded its offerings, opening a spacious shop in the Toul Tom Pong area of Phnom Penh to cater to the capital’s ice cream cravings.

Light and bright with plenty of seating and a corner filled with human-sized cuddly toys, visitors are welcomed to Gelato with a display case.

This showcases a a changing selection of about a dozen home-made flavours of ice cream, from staples such as chocolate and vanilla, to more unusual tastes, including kiwi, a baby blue-coloured blue angel dotted with colourful sweets and durian and, of course, stinky durian.

Served in a cone (one scoop $1.50, two scoops $2 and three scoops $2.50) or tub ($1.50/$2.50/$3.50), varying ice cream options include waffles ($3.50), gelato stick ($1.25) and gelato cake ($2.50). A range of sweet treats in the form of cakes, such as tiramisu, are also available.

With the rainbow of offerings all tempting to try, we opted for cones of chocolate, mint and mango.

Packed full of flavour, the mint offering was peppered with choc chips, adding texture to the smooth ice cream.

The mint was powerful and refreshing, clearing the palate with each lick.

The chocolate was indulgent and more-ish. Rich in taste, chocoholics such as myself will not be disappointed with this entry to the menu.

Despite being in the air conditioning, the ice cream quickly started to drip. Thankfully, the cone was crisp and strong enough to withhold the melting without going soggy.

Pleased with the first two ice creams, the mango sorbet topped the lot.

As a lover of mangos, I may be biased, but the flavour really popped. So much so, I even let out a surprised, “Wow, this really does taste of mango”, after my first try. Sweet and super refreshing, I could easily have devoured this by the bucket load.

While the ice cream was tasty, there was something slightly different.

It seemed smoother, less creamy and slightly lighter than usual, but all the more refreshing. That’s because it is in fact gelato, which bears a subtle difference to its ice cream counterpart.

Gelato may well mean ice cream in Italian but, in fact, there are subtle differences to techniques and ingredients that make gelato – believed to be healthier because it contains less fat and sugar – softer and smoother, with a sharper taste, than its sister.

Using the PreGel base, ingredients sourced from across the world, secret recipes, artisanal methods and a magic ice cream making machine, Delikat Gelato produces ice cream that will refresh the palate and soul.

534 Street 155, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 087 211 211
Open daily from 9am to 9.30pm.