DJ Oro and Miss Sarawan in concert

Throughout June, the French Institute is showcasing music and cinema. To compliment the screening of the documentary Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten the Institute has organised a concert with DJ Oro and The Miss Sarawan Band. This concert and screening precede a series of music documentary screenings, June 17 – 25.

The opening concert of this new series at the French Institute brings hidden gems of forgotten music back into the public eye. DJ Oro and The Miss Sarawan Band return to the Cambodian pop music of the 50s, 60s and 70s, a music full of energy and creativity in order to engage with today’s audiences.


Behind his turntables, DJ Oro mixes contemporary and traditional tracks enabling the audience to (re)discover the best of Khmer music, from Sinn Sisamouth to RosSereySothea. The Miss Sarawan Band revisits Khmer melodies from the 60s and 70s marked by western influence.

These artists are key players in the current musical reconstruction of the Kingdom, which is an essential part of the Cambodian identity. DJ Oro is also the co-founder and director of the Cambodia Music Vintage Archive, which works to preserve and protect historical and traditional music, as well to share this rich musical legacy.

The Miss Sarawan Band, vocalist Mealea Lay and guitarist Joe Wrigley, hopes to return Khmer music to its former glory by creating musical tracks directly influenced by the Cambodian rock-n-roll of the 70’s.

June 16, 6:30pm
Bistrot de l’Institut Français, free

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