Taking innovative cocktails to a new level, G-Star Lounge and Sky Bar presents a concoction of must-try mixes. Words by Jessica Tana; photography by Lucas Veuve.

G-Star Lounge and Sky BarLike most things on Koh Pich, G-Star Lounge and Sky Bar is a cultivated mash-up of trendy styles and colourful themes.

It features a European style terrace on the top floor, overlooking the water – the perfect place to watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

A darkened lounge, with plush seating is set against a screen of moving images of trees and bubbles. This would be the spot to enjoy a cocktail date.

Another section has dark wooden accents and large windows overlooking the tropical garden. Then there is a DJ booth, framed by industrial metal cubes placed on a concrete floor, in the main section of the establishment; the night club, of course. And if that wasn’t enough, a yellow life-sized Transformer robot with flashing eyes and moving head greets visitors at the entrance.

Being overwhelmed by the sheer comic decadence of G-Star is part of its appeal – and it doesn’t stop there. The drinks are bright, gaudy cocktails with hilarious names and gimmicks. The Busy Mumma, is a milk-based cocktail served in a baby’s bottle along with a pacifier, while Bartender’s Blood is an array of syringes containing dark red liquid to be shot into the mouth.

Starting with one of G-Star’s signature drinks, seven shot glasses were filled with liquid from the same cocktail shaker, however, each time a different colour appeared. Aptly named Rainbow ($7.50) the drink of vodka, orange juice, grenadine and blue Curacao is advertised as seven colours, seven flavours. The only gripe was the first shot was almost entirely vodka and the last orange juice, so not one to share, without some argument at least.

Embracing yet another theme, One Thousand Cups ($10) is a homage to the illustrious Chinese tea ceremony. Served in a Chinese teapot, atop a bamboo box holding the flame, the ginger and Grey Goose vodka is ready when steaming, and is drunk hot from small bowls. The heat gave the alcohol real bite, while the sweet ginger felt almost medicinal.

My Love ($7.50) is a mixture of Bacardi rum, ginger ale, lime, rose syrup and grenadine, served in a glass vase, with a real red rose peeping out the top. This is a sweet and sour cocktail that doubles as a present to your loved one.

Lastly, we tried a newly introduced cocktail, Bamboo Trip ($7.50). Served in a hollowed-out bamboo cup, the Martini Dry vermouth is mixed with Midori, Cointreau, lime and sugar syrup, and garnished with bamboo leaves. The taste was sweet and sour, and like everything at G-Star, a strange concoction that somehow worked.

With live music, private functions and DJ nights, G-Star Lounge is a popular place to go for a night out on Diamond Island. It will have you hooked all night, whether it be on the concoction of quirky cocktails or feel good vibe.

Building 43-46, La Seine Street, Koh Pich, Phnom Penh.
Open daily, from 4pm to midnight.