In case you are wondering what all the hype is about Hanoi recently, you really have to make a trip to see it for yourself.

This exotic capital of Vietnam boasts not only centuries-old architecture, but has kept a rich culture, nurtured by a blend of strong Asian and French influences. Crumbling, lemon-hued colonial architecture clouded by the delicate scents and tastes of delicious street food amid swarms of buzzing motorbikes that rumble across a city that is unlike any others in the region, offers full-scale satisfaction on the senses.

At its heart is the rowdy Old Quarter, where the narrow streets are roughly arranged by trade, leaving no space for neglect. Hanoi city centre comprises a compact area known as Hoan Kiem District. The city takes its name from its present-day hub and the landmark Hoan Kiem Lake, which lies between the cramped and endlessly diverting Old Quarter in the north, and the tree-lined boulevards of the French Quarter to the south. West of this central district, across the rail tracks, some of Hanoi’s most impressive monuments occupy the wide open spaces of the former Imperial City, grouped around Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum on Ba Dinh Square and extending south to the ancient walled gardens of the Temple of Literature. A vast body of water interestingly named the West Lake, sits north of the city, harbouring a number of interesting temples and pagodas. The attractive villages that once surrounded it have now largely given way to upmarket residential areas and a smattering of luxury hotels.

Hanoi is never short of sophisticated restaurants, cafés, designer boutiques and wine warehouses. The city is exploding with glitzy multi-storey shopping malls and expensive vehicles; some cars and motorbikes are of the seriously costly varieties. Nevertheless, the city centre remains attractive and has neither completely lost its old-world charm nor its distinctive character.

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