High Fives as Java Arts presents A Curious Cabaret

Creative collaborative Common Sole will perform A Curious Cabaret at Java Café on Mar. 22 from 7pm. Presented in five acts, the event will feature five performing artists from around the globe while five courses inspired by the performances are served up.

The performance begins as soon as the audience enters. The atmosphere, programme and menu are carefully choreographed to stimulate all five senses, and perhaps even the sixth. The evening brings together the classical concepts of dinner-cabaret and a curiosities show with contemporary performance. The solos, drawing on both traditional and modern disciplines, take the audience on a path through spirituality, memories, conflict and internal tension. Punctuating the acts are five courses using flavour, colour, texture and action to accompany each solo performance. At the end of the show, the audience will be able to enjoy, over tea and coffee, a chance to interact with the artists.

A Curious Cabaret is the work of Common Sole and artists Bruno Schell, Céline Bacqué, David Lim, Eric Ellul, Lee Bong Gyo with additional contributions by Ann Kimlong, Dana Langlois and Un Rattana.

Common Sole is a Cambodia-based collective aiming to gather artists from various disciplines and backgrounds. Each step this group takes together, whether ephemeral or enduring, brings creative energy to the fields of performance, education and production.

Tickets for $25
including drinks, five-course meal and performance can be purchased at Java Café & Gallery

Java Café & Gallery
56 Sihanouk Blvd
Tel: +855 23 987 420


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