Himawari Blood Donation Campaign

Himawari Hotel Apartments is hosting a blood donation campaign, supported by the NBTC, Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia, The Love Club and St John’s Ambulance Phnom Penh. For four hours on Saturday May 27 the hotel will open its doors to all prospective donors.

There will be a short questionnaire before blood is drawn for testing and then 350ml will be taken over a five to ten minute period. Participants will be supplied with snacks and drinks.

In Cambodia, only 34 percent of blood transfusions come from the blood bank supply while almost 70 percent come from relatives. The National Blood Transfusion Centre (NBTC) (Blood Bank Cambodia) aims to change that by creating a well-stocked blood bank, able to supply the Kingdom’s transfusion needs.

Blood donation is a vital resource in Cambodia. All blood types are welcome and needed.

Himawari Hotel Apartments, Function rooms 1 & 2, May 27, 8 am-12 noon.  

Register before 20th May 2017 on 016 871 760/069 386 912 or

email events@himawari.com.kh

For more info on donating blood call the NBTC on 023 722 074 or email nbtc@online.com.kh