With the over-riding success of Hummus House on riverside, it was owner Mike Abbouchi’s dream to open a second venture. After scouring the city, he settled on an intimate spot that was up for grabs on Bassac Lane – his ideal location. Catering to the crowd that frequent the alley, a smaller operation has been set up to provide those wanting to grab a quick bite to eat before a few beers. Here, customers can still tuck into the range of shawarmas, dips, warm mezzes and salads. The new venture also boasts a new type of bread, with the pita bread replaced by sag bread, which is prepared slightly differently. The falafel has also undergone a transformation to include mozzarella, feta and chedder cheese before being fried.

Bassac Lane, off Street 308, Phnom Penh. Tel. 092 483 759. Open daily, from 2pm to 11pm or later.