Jeremy Teo Celebrates Singapore National Day at Raffles Hotel Le Royal

Top chef Jeremy Teo will bring a bit of authentic Singaporean spice to mark the country’s 48th National Day at Raffles Hotel Le Royal in August. The chef will be jetting into Cambodia from the sister hotel in Singapore to cook up a feast in the kitchen and supply the city with four days of authentic food.

With dining declared as a national past-time in Singapore, Le Royal’s Café Monivong will feature a series of food-related events. Teo, who has more than 15 years’ experience in the kitchen, will be on hand to prepare dishes that reflect the ethnic diversity of Singapore, with influences from Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions.

Meals on the menu include Hainanese chicken rice (simmered chicken with rice cooked in chicken broth, accompanied with chili sauce dip, dark soy sauce and ginger paste), laksa (noodles in a spicy broth with shredded chicken, sliced cucumber, boiled egg, tofu, fish dumpling, bean sprouts and laksa paste) and popiah (spring roll or rolled crêpe, stuffed with stewed turnip, Chinese sausage, shrimp and lettuce).

“The Raffles name is synonymous with Singapore and it is a privilege to have Chef Teo fly in to orchestrate these exciting culinary events,” says Raffles Hotel Le Royal’s director of food and beverage, Charles Demange.

Singapore’s 48th National Day celebrations at Raffles Hotel Le Royal take place between Aug. 8 and 11.

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