Kompong Preah Calling for action from youth

Concern has been raised among a group of young Cambodians over isolated, old, religious temple, Kompong Preah, as it is being abandoned by locals and tourists, writes Pidor Ham.

Kompong Preah is recognised as one of the numerous masterpieces remained from the Chenla era. This centuries-old location features a religious temple known as Srey Pichey Soryvong Kompong Preah, or Kompong Preah, and is located 40km from central Kompong Chnang Province.

The geography of this temple causes a huge challenge for visitors to access as it lies in a remote area with low population and is inaccessible in rainy season. Consequently, Kompong Preah has been left out and is falling into a state of delapidation.

This concern has given birth to a team named Kompong Preah Charity, consisting of young Cambodian people coming from different background who share the same concern.

“I decided to initiate this team to when I found out about this wonderful ancient religious temple is falling into crisis. Since then, I started to gather the younger generation, get them involved, and work on this issue before everything is too late”, says Srin Sokmean, founder and leader of Kompong Preah Charity team, who are keeping an eye on the temple and trying to make changes in the hope of bringing it back to life after years of lying dormant.

Members of the team are made up of university students from various Phnom-Penh-based universities. They are working tirelessly on how to better the current condition of the temple.

Earlier this year, bearing the hope of spreading the potential of this temple and area it is located in, this team has produced a documentary video about the outfit in Chela era at the site with the joint from a cluster of Cambodian artists and young energetic volunteers.

As the team believes by bringing people to see the temple will help reconnect the bond between the people and the location, they are launching a charity trip. The trip is set to happen on Aug. 13.

The entire team has put great effort in engaging people as well as drawing their attention towards this issue. As a result, they have gained the support from local authorities, specialists working on related issue, university student from Phnom Penh, volunteer based in Kompong Chnang, and residents living in Kompong Preah community.

Participants are required to pay $30, which will cover the cost of traveling, food and accommodation. The remaining cash will go directly to the temple committee to be splashed on development and promotion purpose for the temple.

Jin Rithy, leader of volunteer based in Kompong Chanang Province and a close partner with Kompong Preah Charity team, hopes that this event will be successful with huge numbers of participations.

Though the team has gained a sufficient amount of support for the time being, the team is still running their solicitation from anyone who wishes to be part of this action.

For more information or to book a place, call 069 664 869 or 081 272 929.