Krishnamurti Exhibition at Java Cafe

A decade long journey to chronicle the life and musings of Indian guru UG Krishnamurti makes its debut this month. Friends Nicolas Grey and James Farley are gearing up to exhibit the first public showing of their completed graphic novel, This Dog Barking – The Strange Story of UG Krishnamurti, alongside a series of drawings from the work at Java Cafe on July 9.

Grey and Farley, both from London, teamed up 10 years ago to create a book about the little known anti-guru and cult figure. They started with the aim of producing a collection of small anecdotes, collected materials and a selection of drawings.

But after 10 years of research, when artist Grey and Farley, who wrote the text, unearthed a mountain of fascinating facts about UG Krishnamurti, their creation turned into a 150-page masterpiece that weaves together the complicated lives UG Krishnamurti, his family, antagonists and followers.

The exhibition at Java Cafe will feature a selection of framed original drawings by Grey, an installation of the entire publication, limited edition items, and a closet full of collected materials on UG Krishnamurti, called the “UG-rama.”

This Dog Barking – The Strange Story of UG Krishnaumrti chronicles the bizarre history of The Cosmic Naxalite; from his troubled childhood with the Theosophists and subsequent disillusion with many of the leading spiritual teachers of the 20th century, to his catastrophic personal life and years of homelessness and destitution in London and Paris.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday, Jul. 9, from 6pm to 9pm and will remain on display until Sep. 1.

On Thursday, Jul. 11, at 7pm, Farley will read passages from the novel followed by a discussion with Grey.


Java Café & Gallery

56 Sihanouk Blvd.