Lot 369 brings tasty Aussie-style café eats to the capital while modelling environmental friendliness. Writing by Joanna Mayhew; photography by Lucas Veuve.

True brunch lovers will rejoice at the opening of the city’s hippest new all-day breakfast spot, Lot 369. Serving a nice balance of healthy and just-greasy-enough dishes, the chill café is the perfect place to land on lazy Phnom Penh weekends.

Named after the plot it occupies, the eatery was strategically opened in the up-and-coming Toul Tom Poung neighbourhood in December. “It’s an opportune time to have more choices around this area,” says Aussie Celia Boyd, who co-owns the café with her partner, James Wilson.

The restaurant boasts classic breakfast and lunch favourites as well as healthier vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. “We wanted a place where you can come with a group and everyone can find something they like,” says Wilson.

The duo opened the café as first-time restaurant owners simply because they missed the brunch culture from home. “We wrote out a list of food that we wanted to eat, and then worked with the chef to figure out recipes,” says Boyd.

This straightforward approach seems to have paid off, with winning combinations served up, such as the breakfast stack ($5.50) with spinach, bacon, tomato and a poached egg perched symmetrically atop a perfectly browned, thick hash brown. Or the Buddha bowl ($5), perhaps the outlet’s most popular dish so far, which sees locally sourced tempeh, honey roasted vegetables, wilted spinach and local black rice paired with in-house hummus. A feast for the eyes, the colourful bowl expertly mixes flavours and textures, from the crunchy rice and creamy hummus to the cumin- and turmeric-spiced vegetables.

The oversized Australian beef burger ($6) – requiring a specially made large bun – is topped with sweet tomato relish, a generous serving of cheese, onions and lettuce. While the onions can be slightly overwhelming, the burger is a welcome staple for the ravenous, and is served alongside excellent crispy paprika- and chilli-sprinkled fries. The breakfast bowl ($5.50) features Lot 369’s must-try homemade baked beans, and the jalapeño smash ($1.50) can be ordered as a side to any breakfast dish.

Also on offer is Feel Good coffee, with flat whites ($2.25) – an Aussie staple – done right, along with iced Kampot pepper tea ($2.75) and light, pulpy smoothies ($3.50) packed with local fruits.

But the business goes beyond good eats to promote environmental sustainability and reduce waste. Take-away containers are 100 percent biodegradable, and customers receive coffee discounts for using reusable Keep Cups ($10/$12, sold in house) or their own containers.

The open-air space is breezy and homey, and the minimalist décor follows the café’s ethos, with reclaimed wood used for shelving, blue-accented tables and lamps.

The café will soon introduce extended evening hours, a tapas menu and a rooftop bar. But in a place that serves ice cream atop its pancakes, customers already have all the enticing they need. 

13C Street 454, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 012 345 541.
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30am to 6pm (kitchen closes at 3.30pm).