Love to the Power of 4 Hits Cinemas Love to the Power of 4 Hits Cinemas

Cambodian cinema has hit a new high with the premier of what looks set to be the latest Big Screen hit, Love to the Power of 4.

Having made its premier on Jan. 11, the feature film will transfer to the small screen mid-February as an eight-part series on CTN.

Throwing the spotlight on love and its different manifestations, it follows young Cambodians and their quest to find love; their desire for love, unrequited or fulfilled, and the humour, pain and irony that ensues.

With a soundtrack featuring a string of Cambodian singers, such as Sai BT and Kanchna, the movie is released alongside an original album of lovesongs from the Songkites.

The film’s creative team is led by Sochea Ines, who wrote and produced it in collaboratation with Deependra Gauchan.

Cheky Athiporn takes the lead role of Tony, with Briya Beebee playing Neardey.