Mama Wong now offers much more than its original dumplings and noodles. Editor Marissa Carruthers and photographer Lucas Veuve sample its expanded menu.

Since opening its doors on a then relatively quiet Street 308 little more than three years ago, Mama Wong’s has been serving up Western-friendly Chinese comfort food by the dozen.

Starting off life with a simple menu that spanned two sides of A4, as its popularity has grown, so has Mama Wong’s offerings.

Remaining true to its roots, a range of dumplings and noddle-based dishes kick off the menu, followed by Asian tapas and Western dishes, such as several salads, stir-fried chicken roti with cashew nuts ($5), cauliflower popcorn with lime aioli ($3.50) and baked creamy penne pasta ($6).

Spoiled for choice we opted for a range of food, starting with, of course, dumplings. The hand-rolled bites can be ordered in broth or as pot stickers in a range of flavours, including pork and cabbage, spinach, shitake and white mushroom, and fish with peanut sauce (all $5).

We went for the prawn and chive pot sticker dumplings, and tucked into the 10 soft steamed dumplings.

While they were slightly watery, the prawn and chive balance worked well and the bottom had a reassuring slightly crisp texture.

We looked towards the small burger selection for our next dish, choosing the pork belly Asian slaw option out of fried chicken with cucumber and kimchi mayonnaise, or beef brisket with mushroom and pickled cabbage (all $4).

Two mini burgers were served in a soft bun so it’s advisable to eat them quickly as the base soon starts to get soggy. The pork belly was slightly tough but full of flavour, thanks to the heat of the Sriracha sauce that is balanced by the cooling mayonnaise.

The addition of shredded cabbage and carrot adds a welcome crunch.

The Western dish of chicken cordon bleu ($6.50) was up next, and was a good-sized portion. Served alongside skinny chips and a side salad, the chicken was tender and wrapped in a crispy batter rather than the traditional breadcrumbs.

Inside the chicken, gooey Emmental cheese oozed out when cut, with the addition of spinach adding texture.

Despite stomach space quickly running out, the colourful page dedicated to desserts made our eyes pop, with sweet apple and mango ice cream ($4), red wine mixed fruit cocktail with whipped cream ($4.50) and pineapple chutney and vanilla ice cream ($4) tempting our tastebuds.

However, it was the crème brûlée ($4.50) that twisted our arms.

Served with wafer rolls, the thin, brittle caramel topping cracked with ease, letting us dive into the creamy custard base below.

Boasting two floors of indoor seating and long benches outside, Mama Wong’s comes complete with delicate Oriental decor and friendly staff.

As Street 308 continues its transformation and more eateries, bars and boutiques open, Mama Wong’s looks set to remain a firm favourite on the vibrant stretch of road.

42 Street 308, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 097 850 8383.
Open daily, from 11am to 11pm.