Are you like many mothers out there feeling overwhelmed with expectations?

Expectations from the ever-growing demands of the society we live in, from our kids’ school, from our husbands, from our colleagues, and the worst of all – from ourselves?

Just think of it. Think of how unrealistic those demands and expectations can be, and often are.

One cannot be a cooking champion, producing 500 pieces of star shaped kids-friendly sushi just before the special school event, and right after signing a business deal worth millions of US dollars, or whatever currency is actually worth something these days.

One cannot juggle perfectly between humanitarian work, or saving bees and doing counselling evening work for our loving and beloved husbands who, surprise, have a clown of a boss.

One cannot nurse for three years and have perfect, full, even-sized breasts.

One cannot drop the kids to school every day with a “made with love” lunch box full of organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, all-in-one free stuff while being on constant business trips abroad.

Those things just do not go together, at least not on this scale anyway.

Nevertheless, this is what we want to be. This is what society expects us to be. No matter how irrational that is.

I do not mean that you have to stop trying to do your best in all the multiple roles you have to fill today.

I do not mean you can just lock yourself in your bedroom with the whole collection of Game of Thrones and some packs of beer for the next couple of weeks and feel that you do not need to justify yourself for this.

Your job needs you, that’s why your boss hired you because the company believe you can do this job better than anybody else.

Your husband needs you, that’s why he married you. He believes you will paint his life in brighter colours as you were the unique woman, the very embodiment of the feminine for him.

Your children need you, that’s why they chose you to be their mother. They trust you will provide them with the love and care they need to grow into healthy and responsible individuals.

You need yourself, that’s why you are who you are.

You are just the person you need to be in order to go through this life, learn the lessons you need to learn, and grow personally.

And I believe, they all have a point here.

You can fulfil, and you already fulfil, all those roles according to your possibilities of today.

Take those responsibilities one by one, as they arise, and deal with them at your best of today without judging yourself.

You are doing just fine.