Maybank Supermarket Sweep free shopping spree for nine lucky customers

Maybank Supermarket Sweep free shopping spree for nine lucky customersMaybank today organized the second “Maybank Supermarket Sweep” to reward another nine lucky customers who participated in its “Maybank Savings Challenge” deposit campaign, who were treated to a Free Shopping spree at Giant Supermarket, in City Mall, with a total prize money of up to USD4,500.

Earlier in August 2016, the first “Maybank Supermarket Sweep” was organized for the first group of six customers who were selected from among its 6,000 customers who participated in the on-going “Maybank Savings Challenge” deposit campaign as of August 2016. A first-of-its-kind campaign in Cambodia, customers only need to sign up for the campaign to be rewarded with higher interest – with the offer of a bonus interest rate based on the number of sign-ups – the more customers who sign up, the higher the interest rate for everyone.

Speaking at the event, Cynthia Liaw, CEO of Maybank (Cambodia) Plc. said, “Within the next five months, as at end of December 2016, the total number of customers’ sign-ups surpassed 15,000. For every 1,000 customers who signed up, one lucky winner was selected to participate in the “Maybank Supermarket Sweep”. This was an increase of 9,000 customers’ sign-ups since the first “Maybank Supermarket Sweep”, thus another nine customers were selected to participate in this second “Maybank Supermarket Sweep” today.

“This is yet another initiative to provide a better value proposition to our customers where they can enjoy better returns when they save and conduct their day-to-day transactions with us,” added Cynthia.

Just last week, on 14 January 2017, Maybank awarded the grand prize winner of its “Maybank Save Now & Win Big” campaign, who won a Garden Residency condominium unit valued at approximately USD42,000. At the same event, Maybank launched its latest “Maybank Premier Wealth Lucky 888” campaign, which will reward the first 88 customers who sign up for a Maybank Premier Wealth Prestige Current Account with angpows ranging from USD38 to USD888.

At the Supermarket Sweep event, Maybank launched yet another new exciting campaign, the “Maybank #iLike Campaign”, a 6-month campaign from January to June 2017, which offers customers who save or top up their savings with Maybank a chance to win a selection of complimentary packages that suit a variety of consumer lifestyle and preferences – dining, fashion, techs & gadgets and holidays, worth USD500 each.