Partizan Creatives comic book production sets up in Phnom Penh

Two Cambodian-based expats launched a full-service comic book production company in Phnom Penh on Feb. 12.

Jose Encinas from Minus 36 and Nick Wood from Navigator Communications have joined forces to create a new company dedicated to producing tailor-made comic books from concept to completion. Partizan Creatives will produce original, insightful and dynamic comic books that combine great writing and beautifully drawn images.

“We aim to create fun and accessible comics that are infused with social and educational commentaries,” the pair said in their press release.

Drawing on their experience of producing high-quality work for a variety of clients over a number of years, Encinas and Wood decided to launch Partizan Creatives to meet organisation’s communication needs in a creative and wholly original format.

“Our goal is to open the joy of reading and understanding key messages to a wide variety of users especially in the developing and low literacy context – comic books can get your message out there to an audience other mediums often miss,” they added.

Partizan Creatives