Perspective Exhibition at Metahouse

Thomas-Pierre’s latest exhibition opens at Metahouse on Apr. 23. Entitled Perspective, this new series of paintings explores the artist’s fascination with perspectives and attitudes, compositions mixing architectural lines, landscapes, colour fields and dripping.

The artist uses photos and images from archives, books and magazines in his designs, combining them with a strong graphic style. Mixed with freehand painting, the pieces demonstrate a particularly heightened atmosphere, a striking effect between artistic control and abstract jubilation.

These paintings establish an original dialogue between vision and perception, between sensation and feeling. The work is dynamic and original and offers a refreshing and engaging view of the capital’s diverse architecture.

Born and educated in France among a family of artists, Thomas-Pierre spent five years at the heart of Berlin’s vibrant art scene. He has lived and worked in Cambodia for the past three years and has exhibited widely in France, Germany and Cambodia.

Perspective runs until May 15.

37 Sothearos Blvd
Tel: 012 834 517