Photography workshops with Zeeshan Haider

Budding photographers can take top tips from versatile fashion and journalism photographer Zeeshan Haider at the next Phnom Penh Community Centre session on Saturday, Sept. 28.

He’s shot the Taliban with his camera, used his talents to propel a string of Asian models into the world of fashion, chronicled Barack Obama’s touchdown in Cambodia, featured in Vogue India and can take a man or woman off the street and put them on the front cover of a magazine.

Since launching his photography career almost a decade ago, Zeeshan Haider has been making waves across the globe with his mesmerizing work. Whether it’s fashion, journalism, documentary or experimental photography, his acute eye for detail combined with his charismatic creativity and desire to experiment is a recipe for success.

After designing and launching South East Asia’s first professional photography studio in Phnom Penh, powered by Canon, he continues to share his understanding of people and photography. This weekend will see Haider share his passion and skills with those wanting to fine-tune their talents.

The morning session, Photography for Starters, is for participants who own and love their cameras, but are struggling to get to grips with all the functions. It aims to help understand and get in sync with participants’ DSLR camera, the various modes and functions and how to get the most out of them.

The afternoon workshop is called Photography Fieldtrip and will start with Haider talking to participants about the theme of the trip. Following this, participants will focus on the discussed theme in a number of locations. When they return, Haider will initiate a class critique of photographs taken by participants.

Participants must bring their own DSLR camera with manual modes and memory card. A notebook and pen is recommended but optional. Both workshops take place on Saturday, Sept. 28, from 9am to 12.30pm (Photography for Starters) and 2pm to 5.30pm (Photography Fieldtrip).

Each workshop costs $30, for both is $50, or bring a friend and pay $40 each. The workshop takes place at The Capacity Specialists, Top Floor corner, Street 63 & 294 (entrance on street 294). To register, email with your name and contact details.