With more international players entering Cambodia’s market, the need to move money in and out of the country securely, simply and speedily, is increasing. Maybank offers a range of facilities to help you move your money with peace of mind.

Modern Cambodia is a cosmopolitan country with a thriving international community. And as more global brands, businesses and nationals land in the Kingdom of Wonder, the need to be able to transfer and receive funds from overseas, quickly and with ease has dramatically increased over the years.

Recognising this demand, Maybank offers extensive remittance services to customers, supporting up to 28 currencies, including all of the major currencies.

The need for speed when making transactions is also a high priority, and at Maybank we offer offer two-hour remittance to those looking to remit their funds in the respective currencies from their Maybank Cambodia accounts to Maybank accounts in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong

and Vietnam. Same day remittance is guaranteed to other banks in the mentioned respective countries otherwise.

We also want to make sure the process is as simple and accessible as possible, and have facilities at each of our 21 countrywide branches. Our internet banking services offer 24-hour access.

Business customers can also perform remittance through our Regional Cash Management Platform (M2E) electronically, making it even easier for all.

At Maybank, we also keep fees and charges to a minimum, e.g. remittance to  Singapore and Malaysia in SGD and MYR respectively is free for both individual customers and corporates (applicable for transfer from Maybank Cambodia to any branch in Maybank Singapore and Malaysia, with no minimum remittance amount).

There is no cap on the amount of money that can be transferred in and out of Maybank Cambodia.

Apart from remittance services, the Maybank Treasury desk offers Spot foreign exchange contracts, as well as forward foreign exchange contracts for hedging purposes.

The offering of forward exchange contracts allow customers to hedge against currencies fluctuations and “lock in” their profits and maintain margins on goods sold. With a strong presence and healthy reputation throughout the region, we offer seamless banking services and experiences that put our customers at the heart of our business at all times.

With our multi-regional presence and extensive experience, Maybank is able to offer secure and swift remittance services to all of our customers.

Maybank customer service staff are always on hand to discuss any issues further.

To contact Maybank for further information, phone 098 / 099 888 028, email contact_us@maybank.com.kh  or visit www.maybank2u.com.kh , where 24/7 live chat is available.