Smart Launches 4G LTE in Siem Reap

Mobile phone users in Siem Reap can enjoy faster connections after Smart Axiata announced the arrival of its 4G LTE network across the city.

Speaking at Siem Reap’s Hard Rock Cafe, Smart CEO Thomas Hundt cited the rapid spread of 4G in Phnom Penh as a major reason to expand into the city.

“The pick-up rate of our 4G LTE network in Phnom Penh was fast enough that we knew it was time to expand beyond the capital,” Hundt says. “Now people in Siem Reap will also be able to enjoy the latest and fastest in mobile internet technology.”

In January, Smart Axiata launched the network in Phnom Penh. It is the fastest means of mobile internet access available worldwide. The LTE (Long Term Evolution) service with Smart is currently deployed with speeds of up to 60 mbps. That’s around twelve times faster than 4G’s predecessor, 3G..

Any device equipped with LTE band three technology can take advantage of Smart’s 4G LTE network. Subscribers need to swap their current sim card for a 4G LTE card, which can be done at any Smart shop with a $2 top-up. After registering, either to the monthly plan – $5 USD a month including 2GB of data included – or the daily plan at only 10c/day, customers can log online even quicker..

Smart says it plans to roll out the network further to Battambang, Kampong Cham and Sihanoukville in the coming months.

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