Tale of Two Cities

IdleBeats and Sticky Fingers Art Prints Cambodia

Two in one – the exhibition is a juxtaposition of two different cultural backgrounds, two means of reimagining and reinventing the screen printing technique, two ways of thinking, approaching and expressing city life. Together as a whole, a tale of two cities is printed on a single screen.

In July 2015 IdleBeats opened the first silkscreen print club in Shanghai. In November they initiated a continuing collaborative silkscreen exhibition series ‘Tale of Two Cities’. The first featured FrenchFourch from Paris. Each exhibition comproses the latest works of two studios – IdleBeats and one from another city. Persistence, consistency, innovation and the free expression of ones own root culture are the threads common to all. The serial nature of the exhibitions focuses on hand print making medium and cultural exchange through the eyes and hands of a range of emerging print makers worldwide.

IdleBeats are a duo of artists, and the first independent screen print studio in China, founded in 2009 by Nini Sum(China) and Gregor Koerting(Germany).

IdleBeats create Chinese-inspired, cross-cultural artworks, experimenting with a wide range of art media, and a non-stop exploration of new styles which extends into the language of screen printing. The duo aim show both Chinese and print artforms and in a fresh light. Their prints have attracted collectors worldwide also gained attention from global medias such as BBC and CNN.
Screen-printing provides for experimentation and the ability to make multiples; with the basic technique one can explore unlimited graphic nature of the medium. It’s one of the most contemporary art languages, a combination of human touch and industrial reproduction.

In addition to print making, Nini and Gregor also create illustrations, album artwork, oil paintings, comic books, sculptures, and experimental conceptual work. The pair are often invited to take part in crossover projects and live art performances, as well as exhibitions and art fairs across the world, most recently at the Druck Berlin Festival, and the Art Print Asia Exhibition Sydney.

Space Four Zero, #40 street 118,
Sat. Apr. 30, 2-6pm