The Pizza Man Bakery opens

Every evening thousands draw like moths to the lights of Street 51, where a string of eateries springs nightly from the pavement. The Pizza Man Bakery is one of 51’s newest competitors for furious late-night appetites. While the store features fast-food veterans including burgers, fries and hot dogs, freshly baked pizza on homemade dough is the main attraction. General manager Alex Clulow says the pizzas are cooked quickly at high temperature. “The dough rises very fast and it’s a much tastier pizza,” he adds. Small and regular size pizzas with various toppings are available and the bakery offers the ‘mini-max’ for $1.75, which is more compact than a small pizza but has the same amount of dough. The pizza men bake daily batches of warm bread for sale and, if you’re keen on home cooking, they run two-day pizza making courses for $100 a pop.

 The Pizza Man Bakery opens daily from 6.30pm until late.

Shop 25, Golden Sorya Mall, Street 51, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 070 737 444 or 010 752 033 or 011 606 079