The Wanderlusters play the Village

The Wanderlusters play the Village The Wanderlusters, a Saigon-based hillbilly soul band, will be playing live at The Village on 29 June from 8.30-11.30pm. The Wanderlusters play original songs drawing from American roots music as well as covers of bluegrass, country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll. Career musician and bandleader Davis Zunk was formerly based out of New Orleans where he was a fixture in the scene, touring, recording, and playing gigs of any and all musical styles. Some of the band members are wanted by the law, others by jealous husbands, and some have just plain “gone missing” over the years. Be forewarned, “Lock up your daughters and wives!” Cover charge for the show is $3.

The Village, No 1, Street 360, Phnom Penh
+855 12 810 731