Tiger Street Football Kicks Off in Cambodia

Registration for the Tiger Street Football 2013 Tournament has kicked off in Cambodia with local teams encouraged to sign up and compete during the Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville Provincial Qualifiers.

Representatives of Tiger Beer, organiser and main sponsor of the tournament confirmed that it will be the largest sports event of its kind to take place in Cambodia with hundreds of local teams expected to compete in qualifying matches.

Only the 32 best ranking teams will make it to the Tiger Street Football National Finals in Phnom Penh on Mar. 15and 16 where teams will have to battle for triumph against not only each other but also with well-known international teams from Holland, Germany and France.

These key international playoffs will be broadcast live from Cambodia to the rest of ASEAN and Asia-Pacific by ESPN Star Sports who is a close partner with Tiger Beer and Tiger Street Football.

Following this the winning champions and runners up from the Cambodian finals will join the Regional Grand Final at Guangzhou in China where they will show their skills and compete against the winning teams from other countries of Asia for a chance to become Tiger Street Football Champion of 2013.

The tournament was first launched in 2011 as an adrenaline pumping, fast paced street football tournament that has quickly grown over 1,500 football teams established in Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam in just two years thanks to wildly popular battles between local champions and top international teams from Holland, France, Spain, Argentina and two times champions.

2013 is seeing the largest expansion since launching with the tournament arriving in three new countries – Cambodia, Mongolia and Australia.

More than just amazing displays of the top street football styles, Tiger Street Football also includes a lively carnival featuring plenty of on and off pitch action with a host of activities such as skills showcase and the elegantly beautiful Tiger Cage Girls plus games and prizes.

The teams that win the national tournament are awarded cash prize of $3,000 for the champion, $1,500 for second place and $500 for third place, with many other great prizes to be given away during the tournament.

To be eligible to join the Cambodian stage of the tournament, players must be male and at least 18 years of age as Mar. 1, 2013. To register your team, you can register free of charge on website: tigerstreetfootball.com today.