Famous for its food, The Tiger’s Eye specialises in a good tipple too. Editor Marissa Carruthers samples the sumptuous cocktail menu. Photography by Lucas Veuve.

The Tiger’s EyeIt’s The Tiger’s Eye food that tends to grab the headlines, and rightly so with the menu containing a range of meticulously designed, mouth-watering dishes. However, the restaurant aims to provide a rounded experience – and that includes quenching the thirst with a stylish tipple or two, or maybe even three or four.

Heading up the sumptuous selection of cocktails is self-taught master mixologist, Christina Thomas Bruyns. “It can be a lot of fun designing the cocktail menu,” she says. “I do what feels good and what tastes good.”

On the menu, cocktails have been conveniently divided into spirit-based sections, taking in gin, vodka, rum and tequila, with a mix of classic cocktails given a modern twist and unique concoctions catering to every taste.

The Coconut Grove ($4) reflects the taste of the tropics, using fresh pineapple, Brugal dark run and local liquor, crème of coconut. Finished off with an impressive frothing head, the Cambodian piña colada is refreshing, with the coconut really shining through and the blend being sweet – but far from.

Resembling a mojito in appearance, the Jasmine Spring ($7) is a tequila-based beverage, using Artenon 1414 tequila, jasmine iced tea from superior US tea suppliers Harney & Sons, and mint. The tequila is smooth – forget those burning, 4am shots of tequila – and the jasmine tea and fresh mint leaves keeps it light, making this the perfect afternoon cocktail to cool down with.

In addition to cocktails, The Tiger’s Eye supports the local craft ale scene, rotating 10 beers from Cerevisia Brewhouse – and one of them features in Red Ale Hendrix ($8).Combining all of the best bits of a cool beer and a refreshing cocktail, Hendrick’s gin is mixed with Irish red ale, honey and lemon to keep it crisp. The result is a light cocktail, as cool as the two imbibing trends it contains: gin and craft beer.

During our visit, we were treated to a taster of an up-coming addition to the menu, Mr Marmalade ($4). Made from bourbon and the first batch of orange and ginger marmalade, made by the pastry chef, this is a real treat for the tastebuds.

The marmalade compliments the bourbon perfectly. And the bitterness of the pith balances the sweet of the bourbon, with strong vanilla notes rounding off the flavour.

“We add layers,” says Thomas Bruyns. “We start with the foundation of the alcohol and go on from there. Here, our marmalade adds real character to the whiskey.”

And with boozy milkshakes now thrown into the mix, there’s every reason to visit The Tiger’s Eye.

49 Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 017 876 382.
Open Monday to Saturday, 7am to 9.30pm and Sunday, 7.30am to 2pm.