Writer Erin Hale and photographer Lucas Veuve head to Townhouse Supper Club, which serves up hearty dinners and late night tapas.

Situated in the former premises of Public House on the tucked away alley, 240 1/2, Townhouse Supper Club picks up where its predecessor left off with a new vibe and new menu under the leadership of Belgian executive chef David Dewolf.

Catering to the late night crowd, Townhouse has been reimagined as a more formal dining venue, serving hearty dinners for hungry diners, as well as a selection of tapas to share for a lighter bite or more casual meal.

A major pull for patrons is that it’s a place to get a decent eat late at night, according to Dewolf.

“It’s a supper club, what we’re targeting is late night [diners],” he adds. And, thanks to Townhouse being run by Kiwi brothers George and William Norbert-Munns – the masterminds behind bustling Bassac Lane – four dishes are also available to imbibers at sister bar, Bar Sito, which sits across the lane.

With Dewolf designing the menu to offer “honest premium cuts and nice organic vegetables”, that’s what diners will find.

The menu is meat-heavy, with eye-catching items, such as pork ribs and features mashed potato ($9.50), lamb burger with rosemary potatoes ($11.50) and tenderloin with béarnaise sauce ($19.50) – a savoury French staple made with clarified butter, white wine vinegar and herbs.

The area where Townhouse really excels, however, is seafood. A must-eat in the entrees/tapas section is the saffron scallops with leek cream sauce ($8.75), which are highly recommended to share because of the large portions. The saffron and herbs mix together to make a sauce reminiscent of Indian cooking, which goes surprisingly well with the sumptuous scallops, that are small but cooked well.

Dewolf says his favourite dish on the menu is the supra supper salad ($7.25), his own creation composed of curry prawns, scallops, glazed pork belly, mango, and confit tomato on a bed of vegetables.

“Salad” is a bit of a misnomer, however, because the dish is more like a tapas platter and, again, large enough to share, but it has potential to be a late-night hit shared among friends.

The glazed pork belly and prawns are on the salty side, but improve when mixed with other ingredients.

The award for best item on the menu has to go to the crispy skin sea bass with spinach mash ($15.50).

The fish is tender on the inside and crispy on top, as promised, and complimented by a tasty sauce of white wine, cream and shallots.

The hearty dish will leave diners feeling full afterwards, especially if they munch on the side dish of creamy mashed potatoes.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert ($4.50), which changes each week. On our visit, Dewolf served a molten chocolate cake, which was a sweet and cocoa-flavoured ending to a very filling meal.

Street 240 1/2, across from Bar Sito, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 017 770 754.
Open Tuesday to Saturday, from 6pm to 2am.