Workshops aimed at steering artists in the right direction

Writers and musicians are being invited to put on their creative caps for the latest double dose of workshops to land at Phnom Penh Community College.

The creative writing crash course covers the basics of writing for fiction, blogging, journalism and non-fiction. The afternoon workshop will be on Songcraft, which looks at the method and madness of cultivating bewitching tunes.

William Triska, who began his life as artist errant by performing Shakespeare, will run both workshops. After a decade of playing music and taking classes in visual arts, creative writing, and ecology, Triska started teaching the fundamental components of writing.

The creative writing workshop aims to provide a broad spectrum of information and activity geared towards developing an understanding and ability necessary to pursue writing on a variety of levels.

Triska says, “I am teaching this class in part because I don’t wish to see the current generation of writers and their descendants trapped in a world of LOLs and OMGs. Expression can very easily become one dimensional and stale, and tasks that might otherwise have been enjoyable become relics of days gone by.”

The songcraft workshop looks at the history of song and will discuss the nature of musical generation, as well as a discussion of what resources are available for aspiring musicians.

Triska adds, “There will be an incredibly simple version of music theory designed to give you some terms to work with while you consider your musical aspirations but the primary focus will be on reaching the motivation of the musical tyro and harvesting that energy to reveal the inner music mastermind.”

The workshops take place on Saturday, Aug. 10, at The Capacity Specialists, at the corner of Street 63 and 294. The creative class takes place between 9am and 12.30pm and the songcraft session between 1.30pm and 5pm. Each workshop costs $30. Both workshops cost $50 or bring a friend and both pay $40 for the day.

To register, email Send with your name and contact details. A 50 per cent deposit is required to confirm registration.