At the age of 30, Ly Navuth, a UK master graduate, juggles his roles as Deputy Director General of BELTEI Group, Senior Vice President of BELTEI International University and manager of BELTEI International Relations, who successfully secured a clutch of awards at the ASEAN+3 young entrepreneurs.

Sitting in his office, surrounded by lots of paperwork, he says with a smile, “The most difficult job is the job you don’t commit to do.” He adds he has gone through a lot of obstacles to reach where he is today. However, those circumstances have been strengthening for him.

Mr Navuth started life helping his family business, working his way up through the ranks.

“My family is not a rich family,” he says, recalling waiting, dish washing, making fires and selling items close to his school as a youngster. However, despite the challenges life threw at him, he graduated from primary school, studying up to college in Cambodia.

Proving his commitment to hard work and dedication, he spent three years studying in the UK, spending two years at Regent’s University in London and one year for his Master Degree at Greenwich University – something he cites as an incredible but challenging experience, having to adapt to the culture shock, high cost of living, language barriers and being alone in a foreign land.

He adds he wasn’t the best student, making studying aboard twice as difficult.

He has faced many different challenges in his role as Senior Vice President. For instance, age, experience and ability are often barriers he has to overcome.

“Skill, language and connection or networking are very important for me,” he says. “Without these, I wouldn’t have come this far. In this position, every communication needs to be carefully conducted. That’s why I need to be very careful, friendly but with commitment.”

He has also been president of the Cambodian Student Association in UK(CSA-UK) for two years, and currently is the Vice President of British Alumni Association of Cambodia (BAAC).

“I was young and my English was limited, but my personal characteristic with high commitment enabled me to that position,” he says. “There is a distinction between personal and professional context of communication. They observe me through my personality, behaviour, the way I talk and how I act.”

The young entrepreneur also encourages young learners to have a strong commitment in life and try harder to continue their studies at home and aboard because they’ll get many opportunities in life.

He adds he wants people to understand how important it is to keep going and try their best not to give up. “Stay still means nothing, keeping going means you can,” he says.

Additionally, Mr Navuth says the three most important aspects in life, and the goals everyone should strive for are  consisting of education, life and business.

These become his daily mission to inspire students and those around him to strive for their own goals and never give up.

Every day, he reminds himself of his two most inspiring quotes: “Mistake is experience, achievement is success,” and, “Staying still means nothing, to keep going means progress”.

To contact Mr Navuth, email or phone 099 999 986.

Words by Yama Socheata.
Photo by Lim Sokchanlina.