As the largest international school in Vietnam, BIS is a model of success, not least for its outstanding examination results.  The 2014 results exceeded previous achievements with a remarkable 100% pass rate for both International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations, a testament to the talent and commitment of the students and teaching staff at the school.

For IBDP, out of 45 points, the average BIS score was 35.3, compared to a world average of 29.8.  Mr. Richard Dyer, Head Teacher at BIS Secondary states, “These results compare very favourably with the top international schools around the world as well as the best grammar schools and independent schools in the UK, allowing BIS students access to the very best universities worldwide, including prestigious Ivy League colleges in the USA and Russell Group in the UK.”  By way of showcasing these opportunities, and indeed the reputation of a BIS education,  Mr. Dyer referenced a photo of recently graduated Head Students explaining (from right to left) that, “Karvin joined BIS at the age of 7.  He’s now at Georgia Institute of Technology, studying electrical engineering.  Jamie started at BIS at the age of 13 and now at the University of Hong Kong studying psychology.  Rafal joined at the age of 14 and is now at NYU in Abu Dhabi taking a liberal arts degree. Rosie started at BIS at the age of 2, the year that the school opened as Tiny Tots in 1997.  She is at Oxford studying law.  That’s a remarkable 36 years of BIS education.”

Alongside remarkable IBDP results were equally impressive IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) results.  As Mr. Shaun Williams, CEO of the BIS Group of Schools explains, “this certificate is a common currency in international education, with schools in more than 100 countries worldwide using the examinations. Students at BIS take the IGCSE at age 16.  Grades A* to C are commonly regarded as good pass grades. One measure of how well a school is doing is the percentage of all examination entries that are either A* or A. The UK average for this is 23% and a very good independent school or international school would be above 60%.    At BIS, 65% of all grades awarded were A* or A.  The top achieving IGCSE student, Ji Soo Kim was awarded 11A* grades and 1A, 25% were awarded 7A* grades or more. We were extremely pleased with the 77 students who sat their IGCSE’s at BIS with 100% pass rate compared to only 68.1% in the UK.”

BIS students consistently achieve higher than UK and world averages in their results, and combine academic success with the all-round development of each student.

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