Bangkok Prep students say no to bullying and build positive relationships

Students at Bangkok Prep joined tens of thousands of British schools around the world in a united front to Say No to Bullying during the Anti-Bullying Week which took place during November 17th-21st.

The Anti-Bullying Week is an annual event held in the UK in the third week in November, held to raise awareness of bullying of children and young people, in schools and elsewhere, and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it.

“At Bangkok Prep, the Say No to Bullying is aimed at everybody uniting to ensure that bullying is unacceptable and will be addressed” said Duncan Stonehouse, Head of Primary at Bangkok Prep.

“Students are encouraged to use positive behaviour strategies whenever they experience friendship difficulties. We want young people and professionals to understand that tackling bullying is everyone’s responsibility. We want our students to understand both the difference they can make as an individual, and the power of taking a collective stand,” he added.

Some of the weeklong activities at Bangkok Prep included children practice social and emotional skills and preparing for adulthood. The children were also asked to think about different scenarios that might occur on the playground and role playing different ways of dealing with them. They have also been learning positive conflict resolution strategies, “such as see it, tell it, stop it” and “just walk away”. They have also been reflecting on what makes a good friend and what it really means to be a good friend, to play nicely and to be kind. Other activities included a workshop for parents to provide them tools to identify and nurture positive relationships and attitudes.

‘Sticks and Stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us’ was the inspiration for a workshop by Year 3 students at Bangkok Prep. Students were asked to recall a time when someone had used words that hurt them and a time when a friend has said something nice to them. They reflected on these two situations and how it made them feel. Although nice kind words can open our hearts again they may still have scars left by unkind words in the past.

Head of School Ms Valerie Thomas-Peter, said “Incidents of bullying rarely occur at Bangkok Prep but the ‘Say No to Bullying Week’ will help ensure that members of the Bangkok Prep community – students, teachers and parents – understand the importance of demonstrating respect and tolerance and how to build and maintain positive relationships. We are proud to join UK’s campaign efforts against bullying.”