Bangkok Prep welcomes former Secretary General of ASEAN as guest of honour

The Secondary students at Bangkok Prep were honoured to welcome Dr Surin Pitsuwan, former Secretary General of ASEAN as a special guest speaker to the Secondary Assembly.

Dr Surin, who has held various positions in the Thai government, spoke to the students about the initiatives for ASEAN integration and narrowing the development gap. The students found out about the advantages and opportunities the initiatives will present to them in the future.

His pathway to success inspired the students reminding them of how privileged they are to be attending an international school in Thailand. Dr Surin reminisced on his childhood in Nakhon Si Thammarat while attending a temple school and of the opportunity presented to him through a scholarship to Harvard University. Bangkok Prep’s motto being ‘Constant & True’, Dr Surin asked the students to remain faithful to their discipline and stay true to themselves. He quoted Steve Jobs who said, “Stay stupid, and stay hungry” and explained that in order to grow, one must remain curious and eager to learn and thrive.

Dr Surin continued on the specificities of the ASEAN community integration and its benefits. He spoke about how trading opportunities will increase significantly which will result in investments opportunities and great openings in the work place for future generations.

This new model was built for the generations to come, he said.

“I have prepared and built this new house and it is ready for you to move in,” he said.

“International schools such as Bangkok Prep are essential for this model to be successful and deliver as expected because it prepares you well for the challenges ahead and teaches you the highest levels of English which is crucial in this globalised era,” he continued.

“It was a real honour to welcome Dr Surin Pitsuwan at Bangkok Prep and hear about the opportunities that will be presented to our students in coming years. It certainly was a privileged for the school community to receive first-hand information from a prominent instigator of this political change,” said Valerie Thomas-Peter Head of Bangkok Prep.

Dr Surin is now engaged in the promotion of regional integration in East Asia, educational and political reform efforts in Thailand and a frequent speaker at various international conferences.