ISHCMC Grade 11 Students Delight School Community with Minecraft Virtual Design of New ISHCMC Secondary School Campus.

Three ISHCMC Grade 11 students have developed a virtual design of their new Secondary Campus. The designs have since been edited into this short video showcasing how the school will look.

The new ISHCMC Secondary Campus is set to offer wide corridors with breakout learning spaces, a 350-seat Professional Theatre, an NBA-sized Basketball Arena, Vietnam’s very first Innovation Centre, an 8-lane 25-meter pool with state of the art touch pad timing system, and a rooftop 7-aside football pitch -all of which are captured and visualized in the video.

The Minecraft design was developed over the course of five weeks by Stanley from Taiwan, Wiweka from Indonesia and Khanh, a Vietnamese student. These students worked together for a class design project with the common goal of being able to produce a visual of what the new campus will look like.

Khanh shares the challenges of such a project, “With Minecraft there are many limitations, this is a program with many constraints when creating designs with accuracy. We do not see Minecraft as a game but a way to work off the Blueprints of the campus to develop a visual representation that was as close to scale as possible.”

“We started by building the skeleton, laying out the floors and walls. We collaborated with our Head of School and the Estates Manager directing the new build to ensure accuracy,” explains Stanely.

This creation took place in the newly added Makerspace at ISHCMC. Mr. Frank Hua, Technology Integration Specialist, was able to advise and give suggestions throughout the entire process. The students worked from the architectural drawings and researched and collaborated during the process.

Adrian Watts, Head of School, explains the student’s achievements further, “These three students have designed an impeccable virtual design of the new ISHCMC Secondary Campus. Given the limitations of Minecraft and that it is no different to building with Lego, I was amazed at the accuracy of the design. It really is an extraordinary piece of work. This is a great example of experiential learning that takes place every day at ISHCMC. We know that powerful learning experiences stay with the student and develop skill sets needed to succeed in life after higher education and school. These three students have participated in a project that is of a university standard and the type of project that would be expected in their future careers.