ISHCMC hosts event with world renowned Universities

On Sunday, September 14th, the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) hosted a University Public Information session for the HCMC community with globally renowned U.S. universities.  In attendance were representatives from Duke University, Georgetown University, Northwestern University and two Ivy League universities, Columbia University and Princeton University.  ISHCMC was honored to host this historic event, as this was the first time ever that universities of this caliber had visited Vietnam for the purpose of meeting with prospective students.

The event was open to the public and reservations went quickly.  The session was a huge success with more than 250 visitors to the school.  Attendees were granted an opportunity to hear from and speak with representatives from the university admissions offices regarding admissions processes and application preparation.

According to ISHCMC University Counselor, Casey Nolen Jackson, ISHCMC expects to welcome more than 200 universities to ISHCMC before December for the purpose of recruiting new students.  Ms. Nolen Jackson works one-on-one with ISHCMC students throughout the school year to assist them with university selection, guide them through the various application procedures and assist them so that they are able to submit the strongest application possible.

Simon Leslie, Headmaster at ISHCMC commented, “It was a great privilege to host these universities and to welcome the local community to ISHCMC.  These university visits that we host throughout the year are extremely valuable.  They help to guide our students and their families through the university application process by enabling them to learn more about each school and understand which type of students they are looking to admit.  This information gives our students a much better chance of gaining acceptance at their chosen university”.